Abel advice from the vegetable patch

Keith Abel, one of the founders of Abel and Cole (the nationwide service that delivers fresh vegetables to your door) did a short talk at a networking event this evening. The event ‘Elevate’, part of Oxfordshire Business Support, was primarily to improve awareness about business grants.


The talk that Keith gave was based on his memories of establishing the business from humble beginnings, where the young Keith realised his aptitude for selling potatoes door-to-door. This developed into a van-delivered service, eventually growing to the provision of a range of organic vegetables.

There was a useful tip that he provided which, while I’ve heard before, was good to hear as an element for success in his arena too.

Pick great people.

Choosing great people to work in your business is vital, and the same goes for projects. Getting the right people on your team brings immediate advantages. Things like trust, a shared sense of values and a good work ethic are already there. There’s no need to worry about whether they’re going to pull their weight or shout if things get tricky.

So when you’re selecting your team make sure they fit within your set of values. They shouldn’t be carbon copies of you, since diversity in approach is essential in projects and business. However, they should share your core love of life, or verve for business, or whatever fire it is that you thing is important. That sense of ‘we’re in this together’ will help draw the team together in times of challenge.


Next time you’re in a crowd, see if you can find people who are on your page. Find out more about them. See if there is a way to work together.

Find your kindred spirits and do great things in your projects!

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