The Fornix Business

Fornix, based in Oxfordshire, was established in 2013 to offer project management expertise to business owners, project teams and learners.

We have experience of working in a variety of business, project and educational environments, including; micro-businesses (<10 staff), small businesses (<50 staff) medium business (<250 staff) – engineering projects, organisational change projects, community projects, and more besides – company in-house training, ‘external’ workshops, university, college, online and others too.

For those who want to understand, play and win in projects for competitive or collaborative business advantage.

We provide one-to-one or group project management training and consultancy.

Our work is fully insured, for both on-site and off-site training and consultancy needs.

We use our skills to help you fend off the risks associated with doing new things in your business while setting the right habits and tools in place to welcome the benefits. Internal changes tend to be based on either improvements that related to people or processes. These can include things such as adding or improving company systems and processes, improving office layouts or relocating staff to new business premises.
External changes are more wide ranging but tend to be focused on bringing new, or improved, services or products to market.

We operate according to the values of honesty, openness and transparency. That little trio is essential for any business environment but especially important when dealing with change. We’ll always uphold those values.


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We know what’s it’s like to be running a business because we are one. In fact, the founder of Fornix, John Jukes, grew up in a family where self-employment was the norm. He experienced first-hand how the fluctuations in business can really affect the family that the business is aiming to support. Actually, that’s one of the reasons why the Fornix business was established – to help make the lives of business owners easier so that they can have a more enjoyable and rewarding life.

Whether it’s the flexibility that can come from running your own business, or the pursuit of a life passion, creating the ideal lifestyle or making a beneficial change to the world – business is a fantastic thing to have in your life.

You’re a master of your own destiny. The power to make wonderful decisions is in your hands.

It’s helpful to have someone you can talk openly with.

Changes happen in business on a daily basis but they tend to be small-scale and can be easily accommodated – they’re part of the daily rhythm of business ownership. But then comes the time when you’re doing something new.

Sometimes it seems that too many ideas are swimming around. Sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Feeling like the metaphorical swan, paddling furiously beneath the surface just to stay where you are with no sense of progress. And sometimes it feels like you’re not sure what to do with your ideas. There is a need for a change but it’s not easy.

Our skills are specifically developed to make change or the ‘something new’ a beneficial experience for you and your business.

We help you to make better decisions while becoming a master of change.

We help business owners, solopreneurs, directors, partners and founders from micro-businesses to medium-size enterprise and start-ups to long-termers to regain their thinking power as we help get the ideas out of your head and into the world in a form that’s appropriate. We also help you focus on what to pursue in your business by working out which projects are actually helpful. It’s surprising how many people in business pursue ideas that are either poorly-conceived or just not aligned to making the business more stable or grow.

We know that time is a non-renewable commodity, so it’s best to spend your business time on the things that will reward you and your business.

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Working on a project as part of a team can be a fantastic experience. Everyone playing their part at just the right time to move everything along. It’s a great environment where the right things get done and the aims of the project are met.

Sometimes project teams can get bogged down.

A team of people can have individual superpowers but sometimes the magic doesn’t happen. Sometimes a project loses its way. Sometimes a project stops making progress. Sometimes projects develop a tension and it’s not easy for everyone to contribute as they need to. Sometimes the people on the project haven’t had any formal training whatsoever and it’s like they’re trying to play a game without knowing the rules.

Understanding the project ‘game’ helps everyone play their part.

We know that projects can be tricky things but the challenges shouldn’t arise from a lack of understanding about how projects should operate. It’s particularly common with new recruits, but the problem of not understanding how to contribute to a project can be a tangible problem. It makes the person, or people, embarrassed and it can make the rest of the team resent them for not contributing properly. It can lead to misunderstandings and before you know it, the project becomes a train wreck of uncertainty and mistrust.

Knowing how to contribute to a project increases staff morale.

Our specialist training is based on the premise that everyone should feel valued as part of the project. To do this everyone needs to have a broad understanding of how projects operate and a specific understanding of how their role fits within a project. We offer just that service.

Our training is based on helping you quickly make sense of the project world and your role within it. This will help you understand how to contribute more effectively to the project as a whole and will help you organise your work so that your daily life is a little easier.

We know that time is a non-renewable commodity, so it’s best to spend your project time in an enjoyable way to reward you and the business you’re working in.

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What a privilege a curious mind is!
You’re in a fantastic position where curiosity is driving you to find out more about the world of change. Perhaps you’re in full-time education, part-time education, distance-learning or have a passion for life-long learning. Whatever your learning persuasion you’re keen to understand how to learn more about managing change in business for either competitive or collaborative advantage. Perhaps you’re aiming to make your own life better, or to make life better for someone else.

Sometimes it can seem that new things to learn don’t immediately have relevance to you or your environment. Luckily you found us, because we make sure that every element of our training is directly relevant to you and your environment. In fact, we welcome any challenges about our material, we’re always keen to make it obvious how our training and consultancy gives a boost or an advantage to you.

Training with immediate usefulness in the business and project environment is our thing.

We work with students of all ages and all backgrounds. The curious mind is the thing that unites you all. So whether you’re still in school weighing up your career choices and want to learn more about project management, or you’re an apprentice or graduate and want to understand some useful project skills for the workplace, or you’re a battle-scarred old dog looking to refresh or extend your project abilities then you are on our wavelength.

Our training mixes together the theoretical elements of project management where it’s useful, the project specifics and the business benefits. It’s that trio which is an essential core to our content which makes it relevant straight out of the gate.

We make projects easy to understand.

Everyone has a time when they didn’t know what proper projects were about. It would be our absolute privilege to guide you through the world of projects in business, whether you’re a newbie or someone with a little more world experience.

We know that time is a non-renewable commodity, so it’s best to spend time learning things that have relevance.

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