Why the story of a project matters

When you and your team are on your way to achieving the fantastic things in your project it can be easy to get side-tracked. This can be caused by tension in the team or other unforeseen and challenging issues. This side-tracking draws focus and effort away from core progress and can result in arguments, lack […]

The one-month project

If you’ve been looking for a way to test your project skills then what you need is a short project. Something with community support, with clear goals, clear progress measurement and the opportunity to plan and manage your own workload. Granted, managing the workload of others is a key part of projects, but the fundamental […]

The project plan estimating dilemma

We’ve all been there. Putting together a plan, either something big and formal or something quick and simple. Then you look at the work planned that is off into the future. And you think ‘will I need all of that time?’. And sometimes that work will need to be done by someone else. Are you […]

The Icelandic Orca Project

Did you know it’s been twelve months since our Icelandic Project Adventure? That’s right, the twelve day, ten project, nine waterfall and one humpback whale adventure! We traveled 2,890km around the amazing country of Iceland to explore the culture of the volcanic island to understand more about how they ‘do’ projects over there. We have […]

When planning matters more than the tools

The planning tools industry is worth a small fortune – much of that being in the software arena. Since modern planning software has already made the shift from standalone products to software as a service (SaaS) it’s more accessible than ever. And that’s a good thing. It should be easy for anyone to be able […]