The 3 parts to have a helpful project meeting

Meetings! Often known as ‘the thing you do when you’re not sure what you need to do’ – meetings can be a really productive gathering of specific people, or a total waste of time, effort and energy. Read our quick guide, with our free template, to help you get the most from your meetings. Let’s […]

How project management helps in business

Help to get work done in a better way The term project management has been thrown around with joyous abandon since the 1960’s. As a development and amalgamation of distinct management approaches it can be just the thing to help smooth out the wrinkles in the day-job of getting new things done. But while project […]

The guide: 12 essential aspects of your project

Since some projects develop so slowly it can be some time before you realise that you have an actual project on your hands. In such circumstances, it’s useful to pause and check that you have everything in order before returning to the productive rhythm of your project. As luck would have it, we’ve got a […]

5 essential project management behaviours

When you’re heading up a project it can feel like the best thing in the world. A team by your side, fantastic things to do now, brilliant goals on the horizon. But how should you behave? Is it a matter of winging it with gut instinct? Or is there more to it? Read on and […]

3 ways a plan in your project can save you

Sometimes we don’t need a cape, tights or superpowers. Sometimes we just need a plan to help save us. A project plan is at the very centre of any functioning project. It’s a communication tool which displays lots of different pieces of information. Some people call a list of things to do a ‘plan’. That’s […]