3 reasons why project skills are vital for creatives

Creative traits are essential for projects. The ability to bring new ideas into reality is at the core of getting things done – and projects are all about getting things done. Often it’s not as straightforward as that. More often than not there are challenges for creatives that project management can help resolve. Here’s our […]

Why project management? Expected scope of change

Project management is about creating ‘the new’, to be effective you need to be able to see ‘the scope of change’ Every single project has the aim of creating a helpful change in the world. From answering research questions to building fantastically modern buildings to sorting out a crisis after a natural disaster. Each project […]

Why project management? Phase-thinking

Project management starts helping in business right from the inception of an idea. That’s because from the very moment an idea comes into being there is a structure that can be applied. That structure helps build an idea from a mere collection of neural interactions to something that can be planned and delivered. The overall […]

Why bother with project management?

Since mammals developed the prefrontal cortex, bigger things have been on the agenda for those of us who walk upright and have a diet not mainly composed of bananas. But what does that have to do with project management? And why bother with project management anyway? The human brain is an exquisite tool, capable of […]

What does ‘sustainability’ mean to you?

Cycling to work for everyone? Linen suits all round? Vegan only food choices? No more bacon? This week I had the pleasure to visit the ‘Growing Green’ workshop in Oxford. The session was part of a research project conducted by Oxford University, The Open University and Climate Outreach. Researcher representation on the day was provided […]