Beware, risk of sniper

Are you prepared for what may stop you achieving success while you’re doing your work? Let’s change the setting. You’re going for a walk in the woods. How risky would that ever be? Maybe an errant squirrel could give you a nasty nip. But, ordinarily, there’s a very low risk of anything going wrong.   Take a […]

Visualise the end-point

That thing you’re working on. Right now. That work that’s occupying your time.What will it look like when it’s finished?How will you know when you have finished?What does the end-point look like? Many people spend a whole lot of their time working on things that seem perfectly justifiable. Things that, because they occupy our time […]

Focus on Project Management

Every now and again it’s good to take a look around to see how the rest of the world is operating. Needless to say, project management is our bag and in terms of the importance of this discipline in the wider world, we received the link below. Thanks to FutrSocial founder, Marcus Lilley!!usAYx It’s […]

Grains in the hourglass

Time. It’s something that’s always moving on. You can get more money. You can get more things. But time. Who knows how much you get? Consider this. The amount of time you have, whether it’s a pre-determined amount or not, is like sand grains in an hour glass. Now, if you had sight of the […]