The project adventure spirit

Attitude for adventure This week my partner and I went to see Charley Boorman at The Bath Festival, where he held a sold-out talk about his new book ‘The Long Way Back’. The motivation for the book was the accident that Charley had last year while riding a new Triumph Explorer motorcycle as part of the bike’s […]

The first steps in a project

Do you remember your first moments in a project? My first project was helping to develop a Professional Development Certificate course at MG Rover in 2002 in collaboration with the University of Central England as part of the ‘ Quality Launch’ team. The Quality Launch team focused on launching new products and ensuring the quality was […]

The project mindset

Ever heard the phrase ‘do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset?’. While I run Fornix, and do all the business things that come with it, I often consider how other people operate their businesses. Being more open, I have a broader desire to understand how people think about most things. Perhaps it’s […]

Celebrate good times! (come on!)

We thought we’d offer something to you as a way for us to celebrate something wonderful. Celebrating success is something we believe should be an inherent part of all projects, both past and present. So, what’s the occasion? It’s been two years since the release of ‘For Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas’, the introduction to the […]

Have you got a business case for your project?

Woooo! Your big idea is really awesome and you’re going to just throw everything into it. Those moments of doubt and uncertainty won’t possibly happen, and besides, this feeling of enthusiasm will last forever! Surely. And nothing will change. Will it? It’s not important to know why your project is viable. Is it? Over the […]