Have you measured yours lately?

People in projects are capable of truly amazing things, but how is their success measured? And when do you measure the success? Read on to understand the importance of the right measures in the early days of your project to ensure long-term gains. Projects are an organised approach to get something done and so it is […]

What is your project mission?

This message will self-destruct in seven seconds (cue Mission Impossible music). While you’re doing the ‘dun, dun, dah-dah’, luckily you have more than seven seconds to find out how ‘mission’ fits into your projects! Over the last few weeks we’ve covered the ‘vision‘, ‘purpose‘ and ‘strategy‘ in your projects. Now it’s time to add ‘mission’ into […]

Time for strategy in your project

What does a grand master chess player and Mick Jagger have in common? They’ve both got the moves! And in the wild world of projects, that’s what you need to consider. How do you make your move? What will your strategy be? Just 7 days ago, although it feels like a week to me, we shared […]

Does your project have purpose?

You’ve got a vision for your project, but why does that matter? Why should anyone else care? Last week the blog centred on the importance of the vision, right at the start of your project journey. To check that out, click here. A vision is all well and good, but projects need a whole heap […]

Sharing the vision

People in projects are capable of some truly fantastic achievements. Project management provides the right sort of structure to help people know what they need to do, by when, with how much and where to go if things get tricky. But where does it all begin? The beginning is marked by the sharing of the […]