How project management helps in business

Help to get work done in a better way

The term project management has been thrown around with joyous abandon since the 1960’s. As a development and amalgamation of distinct management approaches it can be just the thing to help smooth out the wrinkles in the day-job of getting new things done.

But while project management has been around for a few years, and has continued to evolve into sub-genres, sometimes it can be easy to be lost in technical jargon and sexy terms for ‘the latest brand’ of project management.

Project management must be helpful

Regardless of the ‘flavour’ of project management, there are some core questions that every approach should help you to answer.

The project management training we provide helps to focus on the core, helpful, answers that the discipline can provide. There’s no need to stick to the rule book for one ‘brand’ of project management – if it’s not helping you get the job done, then don’t do it. And if there is something helpful from a seemingly disconnected management method, then use that!

To help you work out how project management could, or should be, helping your work-life – take a look at our infographic below.

Naturally, if you have any questions please let us know:

Figure1000-Project Q+A-1Figure1000-Project Q+A-2

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