For Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas

For Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas – Limited Edition Signed Copy


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You’ve got a big idea. Now what?

Where do you put your entrepreneurial effort? Do you throw everything you have at it straight away? Do you cross fingers and hope that your dedication, deep pockets and limitless time will be rewarded? Or do you try something else?

‘For Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas: A Travel Guide from Big Idea to Business Case’ provides a journey from the world of business into the structured, logical and exciting Land of the Project. It provides an introduction for the entrepreneur to a disciplined way of building up the very seed of an idea into something much greater. It provides guidance on how to explore your big idea, understand the motivation behind it, develop options to make it a reality and to establish measures so that you make sure that it’s coming together properly. You are then provided with an introduction to the ‘business case’ to determine the business viability of the big idea.

This book, part one of the journey, provides you with the guidance to create your very own project concept. If you have a big idea, this book is for you.


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