The project mindset

Ever heard the phrase ‘do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset?’.

While I run Fornix, and do all the business things that come with it, I often consider how other people operate their businesses. Being more open, I have a broader desire to understand how people think about most things. Perhaps it’s the inner psychologist in me. And I often think that’s one of my motivations for working in projects.

Projects are fascinating things. A mixture of people, with a variety of skills, organised in a way to get something fantastic done that couldn’t be done on their own. Brilliant.

And with the psychology hat on, I come back to the ‘do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset?’ question. But I’m going to tweak it a bit to give it a project slant. ‘Do you have a project mindset?’.

I take it for granted that I look at various bits and pieces and can assemble them into a form that creates a project. But I know everyone isn’t wired that way. And that’s a good thing. The differences amongst us mean that we can create something greater from the sum of our contributions in the form of a project.

There is also value in taking a step back, if you will, to understand how you see the world and then how others see the world.

We’ve created a little graphic to do a comparison between two ‘opposite’ ends of a spectrum, two ‘mindsets with which to view the world’, if you like. At one side is the ‘project’ approach while the other is ‘process’. Have a look and see with which approach you more closely identify.


What do you think? Is there one side you more readily identify? Do you work with people who are on the same side as you? Do you easily embrace all of the characteristics? Were some of the traits surprising to you?

There’s a real benefit in recognising that there are different ways to view the world. And in projects it’s best to get a variety of perspectives. That diversity helps with problem solving, team spirit and achieving success.
Naturally there are many more ‘mindsets’, especially when we consider how many different business disciplines there are. Your own preference may be ‘artistic’, ‘design’, ‘marketing’, ‘finance’ or some other wonderful view. Furthermore the ‘mindsets’ don’t stop there. Non-work perspectives also shape the way we view our life and work. Perhaps you are more ‘family’ orientated or ‘community’ biased or ‘adventurous’ or ‘creative’ or ‘curious’.

Taking a little time to understand how you see the world will help you understand how others see their world. And in the world of your projects that means you can start to get the best from others, because you really understand what they want to achieve, and in turn how that supports the aims of the project.

Go on. Give a it a try. Grab a hot beverage and consider the aspects of your mindset.
If you want a hand with the project aspects, drop us a line.

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