The project adventure spirit

Attitude for adventure

This week my partner and I went to see Charley Boorman at The Bath Festival, where he held a sold-out talk about his new book ‘The Long Way Back’.

The Bath Festival Charley Boorman

The motivation for the book was the accident that Charley had last year while riding a new Triumph Explorer motorcycle as part of the bike’s product launch. In Portugal for the launch, a driver pulled across in front of Charley and led to him making a rapid impact with an uncompromising wall. With shattered bones in his legs and serious damage to his hand the event saw him off two wheels for a while and gave him time to reflect on his adventures so far. Despite the injuries, his attitude for adventure remains strong. And he is already back on two wheels.

Weigh up the risks and get on with it

As Charley described on the evening ‘having an adventure is about weighing up the risks, then taking precautions and getting on with it’. With a reference to Long Way Round (the 19,000 mile journey from London to New York) he remarked that many people ‘have an idea but never do anything with it’. And for that reason, Charley is a real inspiration. He is adept at coming up with an idea and seeing it through to completion, although he often does this with help, especially with remembering things. ‘I’ll often pick up the phone, take a message, then put the phone down and blip, that’s it, gone. I blame it on the dyslexia’ he jokes.

The talk was entertaining and enlightening with Charley’s down to earth approach and brilliantly natural ease for adventure being very inspiring. It was fantastic to meet him after the talk and I’m looking forward to reading my signed copy of ‘Long Way Back’.

John and Charley

As regular readers of this blog will know, adventure underpins the ethos of projects at Fornix. In fact the adventure in which Charley was a part with Ewan McGregor, Long Way Round, featured as part of the ‘There is always a way’ series of Fornix blogs.
You can read that blog here.

The project adventure spirit

As we drove back from Bath I thought about how the adventurous spirit has helped the Fornix business and our fans, by building confidence in those we work with and by making life in projects easier. The reference to ‘weighing up risks and getting on with it’ really resonated with us too.

Project Perception

It can be easy to get stuck in planning an idea and never getting anything done. Or hurriedly throwing yourself into ‘doing stuff’ with no real sense of progress from your efforts. There is a balance to be had between planning and action and having a fun time in the process. This is something we explore in our Introduction to Project Management sessions.

Every project is an adventure. It’s not meant to be a slog, or a frustrating experience you’d rather forget.
Your project should be a rewarding experience that adds value to your business, to your fans and importantly to you.

Drop us a line at if you’d like us to introduce the adventurous and rewarding project experience to you and your team.

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