Why the story of a project matters

When you and your team are on your way to achieving the fantastic things in your project it can be easy to get side-tracked. This can be caused by tension in the team or other unforeseen and challenging issues. This side-tracking draws focus and effort away from core progress and can result in arguments, lack of progress and frustration. If left untamed such an environment can kill off motivation in a project – and that’s no fun for anyone.

It may seem like a childish aspect to consider, but the ‘story’ of the project is something that can often help bring focus and a renewed sense of determination to help push through such challenging times.


But what do we mean by the ‘story’?

Quite simply, the ‘story’ is the deep explanation of what the project is, why it exists, how the people in at are contributing (both individually and as a team) and the positive impact that the project aims to achieve. The story also extends into the world after the project. It describes how the project should be seen in the future and how it will be regarded by those whom it affects.

Project teams usually disband once the goal of the project is achieved and more often that not the lifespan of the project isn’t considered after this point. However, reminding the project team that their work will continue to have an impact long after they have finished their part helps to bring a positive and productive mindset.


Reminding each person of the value of their contribution, and the team as a whole, in relation to the project story is an approach well worth taking when tensions are beginning to rise, the sense of connectedness is started to diminish and a boost to team morale is needed.

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